The True Tilt Leadership Model may be the only leadership model of note that was designed by a woman for an age where the archetypal aspects of the feminine are coming into balance with the power of the masculine, where both men and women are making strides to balance both aspects in their inner concept. Women are coming into their natural power. Men are coming into their natural compassion. The True Tilt Model balances both masculine and feminine aspects of character strength on one dimension and on the other, balances two polar aspects of thinking that are also evolving into balance. Human philosophical thinking has evolved over time from a negativity bias (wisdom & the stoics) toward a positivity bias (resilience & the epicurians) and both are coming into balance in the age of conscious capitalism. Thanks to the work of such thought leaders like Riane Eisler, who wrote The Challice and the Blade, and The Partnership Way, many are beginning to realize the important of being balanced in opposing energies in order to evolve our thinking to new levels. Author of the True Tilt Leadership Model, Pam Boney takes leadership to a personal level and points the work within to the self-concept, inner beliefs and manifesting our actualized self into the world at large for impact.

The rise of a new kind of leader, makes way for higher levels of conscious leadership. Through the intentional development of all twelve archetypes in Tiltology, leaders can become balanced, conscious, creative and inspired. Instead of being a type, we Tilt into all twelve archetypal patterns as needed, to maximize our agility to work within a dynamic and ever evolving world of work.

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