Core Principle No. 1: Balanced

Balance is a key concept in Tilt and is core to positive development of self and influence. When we say "Balance" what we mean specifically is that your personality is not showing signs of distorted thinking and that your thinking premises do not have a strong negativity bias that creates dissonance with others.

A balanced self-concept is created when all of the character strengths of Tilt are in balance with one another. Simply stated, a person is balanced when their head, their heart, their gut and their spirit are all fully developed and in balance with one another instead of being "tilted" by an overuse in one area of character strengths at the expense of another. The four categories of character strengths are contained in four quadrants, as follows:

HEAD= Wisdom and measures Cognitive Character Strengths.
HEART= Humanity and measures Social Character Strengths.
GUT= Courage and measures Instinctual Character Strengths.
SPIRIT= Resilience and measures Philosophical Character Strengths.

All four come together to create the potential for whole-brain development.

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