General Introduction to Key Tilt Concepts

What if you understood the underlying purpose of "personality" and learned how to evolve counterproductive aspects of your behavior so you could become a better version of yourself? And what if this breakthrough to self-understanding changed everything in terms of your life and work outcomes?

All of the primary sources of ancient wisdom embody a single unifying principle: seeking self-knowledge is the key to unlocking one's full potential. By becoming a mindful observer of your patterns and an explorer of your inner motives, you can move beyond your repeating patterns and become a more conscious leader. In this new evolved state you will be able to "tilt" more intentionally, with greater awareness of who you are being and for what your life outcomes reflect your true intentions. This is the promise of Tilt.

Introducing the Tilt Framework for Whole-Person Identity:

“Does your personality have you, or do you have it?”

By way of becoming familiar with the Tilt Framework, first notice that there are twelve words arrayed in the blue ring that represent the 12 character strengths necessary for achieving whole-brain balance. In essence, we are most effective when we can access all twelve of those character strengths. In practice, we may overuse (tilt toward) some strengths at the expense of others often because of an imagined, but false, inner fear. For example, if we overuse Boldness (because of an unconscious fear of being vulnerable), we might not exhibit much Consideration. Likewise, if we overuse Likability (because of an unconscious fear of not being accepted), we could lose touch with our own Integrity. This imbalance results in distortions that pull us into energy-draining interactions like drama, conflict, chaos, politics and other negative energies where we operate from imagined fears.
The Tilt framework is designed to help you become conscious of your false fears so that you can operate from conscious awareness when you move from one context to another. Once you integrate this self-knowledge your personality will no longer have control over you. Instead, you will have more conscious mastery of your personality.

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Authored by Pam Boney
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