When you are stressed and want to do some self-coaching to evaluate your inner emotions when you've been triggered, this method can help you identify exactly what's bothering you. This exercise is designed to examine negative emotions that cause stress, but that have an important message to tell you. Are you growing beyond a situation that used to be tolerable? Are you evolving to a new level of consciousness? Are you in need of change? Lower scores on the Tilt 365 is not wrong or bad. In fact, your negative emotions are there to inform you about some kind of incongruence inside you. Is what you are feeling, thinking, saying and doing in congruence? Is what someone else is feeling, thinking, saying and doing in congruence? Something may be amiss.

Download this tool and share your results with a trusted friend or colleague who can help you identity what is amiss and lacking in integrity? Then choose to make a change that serves your well being in inner self-concept.

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Authored by Pam Boney
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