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Two key principles of leadership are associated with positive influence. CREATIVE + INSPIRED


We begin to tap into our most creative intelligence when we let go of trying to get our needs met by others outside us (not that we don't need others at all) and we begin to trust that our presence has a purpose and that we have a right to create whatever we want to bring into the world. This is the beginning of the most satisfying and fulfilling action of a the human mind~ to create. Of course our creative endeavors are subject to our first two learnings about being in balance (being contributors, not takers) and being conscious of our impact (being conscious vs. oblivious or delusional). The question is this: Is what I am creating intended to generate a negative or positive influence on others and the world in general? We cannot always know the ultimate answer to this question, but we can know our own intention. The main difference between a creative insight and an innovation is determined by the public domain that will accept or reject your creation- where proof of concept is determined. An idea can be worthless, either because someone else has already done it and done it better, or it simply doesn't have merit to add to the domain of knowledge to which it attempts to contribute. True creative genius is achieved when acceptance by the domain of knowledge and becomes a contribution that is widely accepted and utilized in a practical way. The purpose of the Tilt Model and system is to catalyze creativity from a larger population of top talent so that the potential for innovation is exponentially increased.


Flow is defined as "the mental stateof operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity. In essence, flow is characterized by complete absorption in what one does." (Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi). The main team-level advantage to being in flow is that when more people are operating in flow doing productive and creative work together, the less energy is siphoned off to handle relationship stress, drama, chaos, and conflict. So, it's really about a shift of energy from counterproductive to productive that matters most. The twelve character strengths of Tilt enable one to operate from strength more of the time and this shifts the energy to productive effort. What we are really doing when we develop these character strengths (yellow and green zone perceptions on Tilt 365) is ensure that our interaction produces synergistic energy with others in collaboration. When we operate in a way that is motivated by fear instead (red and orange zone perceptions on Tilt 365), we are more than likely pulling energy to ourselves (to meet unmet self-esteem needs) and away from productive and creative work or contribution.


Once we have aligned with our true, authentic self (balance), become conscious of the impact of our ideas and work (Conscious) and have found our passionate interest in an idea or body of work (Creative), we are much more likely to become INSPIRED by what the brilliant capacity of the human mind and spirit can do to contribute to the world in some way. Once we have tested our idea and our work against the body of knowledge already existing in a domain and we find it worthy of further ideation and research, we step into the final stage of creative output- the stage of elaboration. One might think that we're done at the point of finding an important contribution or idea, but this is really only the beginning. Elaboration is perhaps the hardest part. It is the stage that goes beyond proof of concept to expand the initial research, to test it more fully, to elaborate on the details of the concept, it's implementation and benefits. Eventually, the body of work expands into widespread application (innovation) and to surpass the tipping point, where users adopt the new innovation and it becomes the new normal.

Creative + Inspired on Tilt 365:

When you are CREATIVE and in FLOW instead of Tilting (a score of 4.5 or better in all four quadrants), it indicates that, according to those who are observing, you are engaging all four patterns of intelligence represented by the four quadrants and are interacting in a way that enables a team climate that will produce productivity, positive influence and creativity in those around you who are in support of the same vision. This is true because you are not tilting to any one extreme, which could potentially divide and polarize the team so there is a loss of alignment and unity for the bigger vision. Your scores, if at 4 or above, indicate that operating in whole-brain Intelligence is an unconscious activity for you because it is so natural and takes very little energy to maintain.

Excerpt by Cindy Charlton, Instructor of Tilt:

Consider now how creative and inspired work together.
  • CREATIVE and being in FLOW explains the level of development that occurs when we begin to integrate the polarities (opposites of our character strengths) and develop, grow and work in these as much as we do our our natural Tilt.

  • We begin to appreciate what is the opposite of each core character strength and pull from the energy of those opposites to create something new. We are using our whole brain and whole self. We integrate the polarities into whole being.

  • INSPIRED is when we have found our true purpose because of that wholeness. We begin to live in flow more and are doing work that is a sweet spot for us.

  • Inspired means that we have truly developed the shadow the service of bringing something into world that is authentic, real and fulfilling to the self and as a by-product, also serves others around us. With the integration of the polarities and the development of the shadow self, we are poised to bring something big to the world (what ever that "big" means to each of us!). Others around us feel it and are inspired by being around us.

  • The principles are now in order! First you balance, then grow consciousness, then become able to think more creatively (polarities & most particularly the two axis are in balance holding the whole model together) and then we become inspired by our purpose work and this, in turn, inspires others.

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