Hidden Character Strengths are aspects of our personality structure that others aware of, but we are not yet are aware of. Sometimes our underlying character strengths are so much a part of who we are that we can take them for granted and minimize them without realizing it. Often, the behavior patterns associated with our top character strengths are experienced by others, but we are not as conscious of them because they seem so easy to us and therefore, we think they are easy for everyone. For example, it is easy for you to notice imperfections in the quality of things around you and you've always done this with little or no effort, it may go unrecognized by you as a specific character strength. Yet to others, who don't notice imperfections easily, this will seem like an amazing gift! This is one of the most important concepts of the Tilt system. Our self-concept can be unnecessarily minimized by our own beliefs about ourselves. And if we focus on our weak areas without balancing them with our character strengths, this can Tilt into a negative view of ourselves that will give cues to those outside us that we are not valuable in our own uniqueness. And what we believe on the inside...will surely manifest in real perceptions by others.

Hidden Character Strengths on the Tilt 365:

When you have a self-observed score that is 1.5 points or less favorable than the score your collective observers report, you more than likely have a hidden character strength. It is possible that you are aware of the gap (conscious of it) in perception and have chosen not to take credit it for your own reasons, but this doesn't register with others. People who encountner you will believe that you are either unaware of the impact of your character strengths or aware and unable to use them effectively. In the latter case, you are likely to be perceived as someone who is less effective than others, or even ineffective at all. Why? Because our fellow human beings have an instinctual wisdom about the amount of alpha power people exude and if you do not play to your character strengths you could be overlooked for opportunities that may be available to others who are more willing to acknowledge their contributions. Survival of the fittest is a concept applicable to all of us, so why not own your character strengths and see yourself as equal to the challenges presented to you.

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