Natural "True Tilt" and Tilt Stack

Genetics play a large role in the traits of personality and we are born with a disposition that is inherited from our genetic parents. We all have unique neurochemistry in our brain that predisposes personality tendencies at birth. Over time, our personality traits are also formed through social and environmental feedback that can change this brain neurochemistry through a process called neuroplasticity. By the time we are in our early twenties, a large portion of our brain wiring is established and therefore much of our personality is well established as well. To do a quick survey about your natural or true self tendencies, we have created a short True Tilt Snapshot that can tell you which Tilting pattern (of the 4) is your genetic pattern. This is where you started out in life.

To take the True Tilt Snapshot, CLICK HERE, and scroll down the page to do a FREE self-assessment.

Tilt 365: Your Current Tilt Stack

The Tilt Stack on your Tilt 365 results is your adaptive Tilt and represents how you are showing up to various observer groups RIGHT NOW. This can be different from your True "Natural" Tilt due to personal growth and maturation and adapting to your environments. This allows you to see how you change your behavior over time and in various situations. Contracting your natural True Tilt and your Current Tilt Stack can be interesting and useful.

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