The Tilt Traits are all related to one another in an interesting way. We often refer to the Halo Effect as we speak about them, because a phenomenon exists in the traits of the Tilt system. The phenomenon occurs when you remove one annoying trait. When the trait disappears over time there is a balancing effect on the overall identity and your behavioral shift changes the perception of who you are being with others, rendering a positive reinforcement cycle that enables the change to stick. Likewise, when you increase a positive trait (green zone trait) in the Tilt system, this has an overarching positive effect on the overall scores you may receive the next time you re-assess. We have seen this phenomenon produced over and over in the four years of quantitative testing and we will continue to study this effect over time. The good news for you, the user, is that working on one trait can have an expansive effect on how you are perceived and this, in turn, often produces a positive effect in your inner identity and sense of self-respect. As always, we teach that what you are thinking on the inside, will show to the world on the outside.

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